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It is difficult to believe that Collin Chou decided to be in this kind of horrible movie. Not only is it primarily about showing off women in low-cut shirts and generally too scantily dressed, but it also has one of the worst and most pointless story lines ever seen in a Chinese action movie.

The story is about five girls who venture into an undisturbed jungle to find a seclusive tribe of people. As they find it and become part of the tribe, a gang of bad guys come along and blow everything up.

Right! The most plausible storyline ever told, and everything was just reeking to high heavens. Man, this was a mile wide swing and a miss from director Huayang Fu. So a tribe that has lived isolated for 500 years just welcome strangers into their midst with open arms and closed eyes. Right, indeed. And why would anyone gain from exterminating a tribe in the middle of an unexplored jungle? No, it just didn’t make sense whatsoever.

Sure, I can understand the thing about spirit animals and totems, but when a mere man starts to be able to make tiger sounds, then it is when things become too much and too ridiculous.

And the way that the five women all sounded like nasal plastic dolls, are you kidding me? I could hardly stand listening to them screeching as they went about their acting and performing their lines. And the dialogue, while we are on it, was equally bad. It seemed that a 12 year old had been in charge of writing all the dialogue.

The only thing that made this train wreck of a movie even semi-watchable was the action and martial arts scenes.

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